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Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA, SBEE (1962)
Stanford University; Stanford, CA, MS (1963)
State University of New York at Stony Brook, (1966)
    Doctoral studies, communication systems


IEEE; Institute of Navigation (ION); International Loran Association (Director); International Navigation Association



President since January 1973.
Cambridge Engineering provides technical audit, system analysis and design services to the electronics industry.

Polhemus Navigation Sciences, Inc., Essex Junction, VT
Vice President of Engineering.
Responsible for system studies and product design. System design efforts included SPASYN, a magnetically coupled attitude measurement system. Applications included pilot head motion sensing and all attitude control systems.

Beukers Laboratories, Inc.
, St. James, NY
Vice President of Development Engineering.
Responsible for new product definition and specification based on marketing and technical requirements. A 16-man technical staff under my direction developed products through production release. Responsible for customer funded contracts and proposal efforts.

Electronic Communications, Inc.
, St. Petersburg, FL
Senior Engineer, Research & Advanced Development Laboratory.
Responsibilities included studies in the areas of statistical communication theory and system theory with emphasis on the demodulation of amplitude and angle modulated signals.

University of Florida; Gainesville, FL, Adjunct Lecturer, Graduate School of Electrical Engineering. Statistical Communication Theory and Information Theory.

St. Petersburg Junior College; St. Petersburg, FL, Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences. Philosophical Logic.


Duplexed Antenna for Retransmission Device (3,739,390). ), M. Poppe, and L. Masoian; Beukers Laboratories, Inc.
Loran-C Third Cycle Identification through the use of OMEGA (3,754,260), M. Poppe, J. Beukers, J. Meranda and C. Williams; Beukers Laboratories, Inc.
Radiosonde Meteorological Data Oscillator and Pulse Stretcher (3,781,715) M. Poppe and M Friedman; Beukers Laboratories, Inc.
Antenna for Weather Balloon (3,781,893) , J. Beukers , and M. Poppe; Beukers Laboratories, Inc.
Position Finding System.(4680590) E Lowe, M Poppe, A. Stratton; Terrafix Limited, Welyn, United Kingdom
Enhanced Position Calculation (5,717,406), M. Poppe and B. Sanderford; SANCONIX, New Orleans, LA.
Enhanced Position Calculation (6.084,547), M. Poppe and B. Sanderford; SANCONIX, New Orleans, LA.
Enhanced Position Calculation (5,917,449), M. Poppe and B. Sanderford; SANCONIX, New Orleans, LA.

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